Sexual Health

Sexuality is a big and important part of your life, the ability to be intimate, feel love and affection all plays a major role in your health and how you live, but that is not all. Having a good sexual health transcends just having a beautiful relationship or practicing safe sex, it involves having a better perspective of youself and loving the part of you that is a sexual being.

This is so important because the mind controls the body and having an emotionally stable mind that loves who you are right now and knows who you want to become in the nearest future comes with a lot of benefits that contributes to your success and sense of well-being both in your work life and relationships.

The Effects Of Sexual Health On The Mind And The Body

The way you think or feel about yourself have different ways of affecting your physical health. For instance, the body will immediately interpret different emotions sent by your brain as either a good thing or a bad one. In the case of a bad signal from your brain, your body will begin generating large amount of stress hormones in your body as a form of countering these negative emotions about your self and your sexual appeal.
Physically, this is when you start feeling fidgety, alone, loss of appetite, fear of rejection and worrying about lots of things like; how you look, what people are saying about you and other things you wouldn't usually bother about.

It doesn't stop there, If these negative emotions are not tackled and eliminated, it as the ability to knock off your internal hormone balance, make you unwell and affect your productivity in all aspects of your life which makes having the right sexual mindset about yourself very important.

With the right sexual mindset, you can go a long way to directly affect the way you feel, the way you think, your self esteem, the kind of friends you have, the way you interact with the opposite sex and your health in general.

How Do You Stop Negative Emotions Of You As A Sexual Being.

     1.   Accept and understand why you are feeling negative about yourself

When you deny or avoid coming to terms with negative emotions that are playing in your mind, you simply buy your self short term gain at the price of long term pain. Because in the long run, you will be faced with a bigger sexual health problem that might have totally destroyed all your relationships and left you bitter and uncertain. Therefore it is advisable for you to face the pain, understand what exactly is causing it and try to fix it. And in a situation where you can't fix or change it, you must simply accept it as a part of you and what makes unique. 

     2.   Do something about it

Regardless of your emotions or what you are going through, you always have a choice of action. Making the right moves and taking the pain to begin taking risks and seeing yourself succeeding especially in making new friends or talking to people you like will really go a long way in helping you boost your positive perspective of yourself, affect your relationships and also greatly help you in creating a sexual image you would like seeing about yourself.

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