Relationship Difficulties

Too many fights usually signals that the relationship is falling apart and although every relationship is unique in its own way, there is one thing that is always constant and certain among all relationships no matter the kind, and that is building a long lasting relationship takes time, dedication and perseverance, not only from you but also from your spouse.

Understanding that you will face a few problems along the way and getting your mind ready and flexible to learn how to handle the situations when they arise will help you over come these problems and grow stronger together especially if you have the willingness to fight for your love and for your relationship. Successful couples have learnt these and know how to manage the bumps and keep their love life going stronger all the time.

But in order to solve a problem you must first know what the problem is. And the best way to sniff out this problem is through communication.

The Importance Of Communication In Relationships

The lack of proper communication is one of the major roots of problems that is causing many relationships to break up. When I use the term "lack of proper communication" I don't necessarily mean you guys are not on talking terms or anything like that, what I really mean is "are you listening to anything being said, are you making adjustments, are you making sure your spouse understands you are taking their opinion, like and dislikes seriously? ".

For any relationship to succeed, both spouses must take intentional steps to listen and hear each other’s complaints without getting defensive or simply withdrawing and cutting them off. This might be very difficult to learn and practice but it is very important for the health of any relationship. The freedom to easily express both positive and negative feelings to each other about any situation without getting judged by your significant other can really boost your love, trust and bond in each other.

However, while some situations might easily get solved by just spending more time with each other, listening and working things out, some other kinds of problems in a relationship can't be tackled by just mere talking or listening, you would have to do much more.

  1. Relationship Counselling 

Romantic relationships without doubt as a lot fun and a lot of hard work too and like cars, we need to regularly maintain it in order to keep them running well. That is where counseling comes in.
Some problems in relationships can be tackled as a couple while others requires you seeking for help from a professional relationship counsellors.

A marriage counsellor is a professional and experienced therapist that stands as a mediator between two spouses in order to provide the couple with tools they need to start improving their communication and relationship. Counsellors help to identify, analyse and modify different behavioural patterns that leads to conflict in relationships. By working with a counsellor to identify these behaviors of your partner, you begin to see a more realistic, unbiased picture of who they truly are and what they stand for.
With the help of the counsellor, you can easily get a professional guiding hand to make your marriage and relationships better.

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