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When it comes to matters related to healthcare, speed is everything. Therefore, having easy access to medical services, getting the right prescription drugs on time and Immediate treatment is very important at all times. This way critical conditions can be contained and health situations that might otherwise have turned fatal can be averted.
However, finding a pharmacy that has all your prescription drugs in stock might become a challenge. Especially in the situation where you need to access a pharmacy late at night or during the weekends. In this article, I will be talking some easy ways to quickly find a pharmacy near you and get an emergency supply even in situations where you are far from home.

How to Find a Pharmacy Near You

There are approximately about 67,000 pharmacies scattered all around the United States, in a situation where your local pharmacy is closed or does not have the prescription drug you are looking for in stock, you can easily go to any other pharmacy around and get it, that is as far as you have your prescription with you. Some of these pharmacies even have a customer care line or an online inventory where you can find out if they have a certain rug prescription in stock.
To help you make your search easy, you can easily search online to find websites that provides you with maps, opening hours and closing hours’ information for other nearby pharmacies. With this online tool you can easily know which pharmacy store is open overnight and during the public holidays and what time it closes. It even gives you specific details and directions on how to easily get to it.

Getting Your Medications from A Pharmacy Even Without a Prescription

In a situation where you run out of prescription medicine but don’t have any new prescription on you due to one reason or the other, you can still get an emergency supply from a pharmacy. However, some might be reluctant to sell it to you and those who will are likely to grill you with questions in order to make sure you really require it. Some of the questions might include

  • Why you need the medicine
  • Who prescribed the medication for you as well as their information’s in order to verify 
  • What’s the dosage for use and other health related questions

In a situation where the pharmacist feels the answers given are unsatisfactory, he may still decide to decline the sale of the drugs to you.
You may also need to pay a little bit more for the drugs since you are not providing a prescription for it. It all depends on the pharmacist selling you he drugs.
Try A Walk in Center

In a situation where you still can’t find any pharmacy open during the time of emergency, you can simply try a walk in center or head to the hospital. They all have pharmacies in one wing of the building or the other but you can only be sold the drug after you have seen a doctor. They might be able to organize a consultation for you and might even give you the drugs you are requesting after you have seen a nurse.
Some of the top pharmacy store in USA includes:

  • CVS Cooperation
  • Walgreens
  • Walmart Stores
  • Rite Aid Corporation
  • Kroger Company
  • Publix Pharmacies
  • Costco Pharmacies

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