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With recent research showing that over 4 billion people are surfing the net, this increase in internet use as made the world a global village and as helped in bringing people from diverse races and cultures together. The introduction and subsequent rise to fame of online games as only helped to better enhance this online global community.
With online gaming gaining ground in popularity every day, more and more people are becoming aware of the unlimited fun, entertainment and games that awaits them just a click away. But contrary to the traditional belief that classifies gaming as being merely a source of entertainment, recent research as revealed gaming has numerous benefits too.
But with all of these positivity’s brought by internet use and online gaming also comes some negative sides that must be looked into in order to balance the scale.

Advantages of Video Games

  • Enhances quick thinking and multitasking 

If you have ever played a video game then you must know that gaming requires you to be a quick thinker, this helps you keep your brain sharp, agile and flexible. It also helps you easily learn how to multi task and still stay coordinated and focused.
Fast decision making and an improved problem solving skill
If you want to enhance your decision making ability, start playing video games that would require you to always be on your toes when it comes to making your moves. Having your decision making ability sharpened by playing video games will boost your productivity in all areas of your life.

  • Increased learning ability

Researches shows that there are many video games that can help us increase our learning ability. Some of this games requires you to learn new things fast so as to prevent your game character from getting into trouble. Others involves strategies and requires you to think about every step before making a move. Your ability to easily learn the way a game works, the best ways to play it and some of the hidden paths and combos of the game can translate a lot to your life where you begin using these skills to accomplish more things.

  • Improves social skills and team work

Online gaming brought in a trend that saw lots of gamers working together in order to complete missions. This competition and team work can help in developing meaningful casual relationships by meeting new friends online and strengthening the bond of friendship as you game together. This kinds of team games also affect the way you work in a team.

Disadvantages of Video Games

  • Addicting games

Different people play games for different purposes, some to pass time while others prefer it as their source of entertainment or a way to socialize, but all games have one thing in common and that is; they help you release tension, stay entertained and relaxed. This state of joy and happiness can become addictive for some individuals leading to long unhealthy constant gamming habit.

  • Violent Contents

Some of the most popular video games played online are known to be very violent with lots of weaponries, killing missions and violent contents that can affect both adults and children. This can also lead to having kids that are very aggressive.
Sexually oriented contents
Some of these online games have various levels of sexual contents and acetones sprinkled all along it making it bad influencing to little kids.

  • Anti-social effects

Constant game playing and the illusion of having virtual friends can prevent lots of gamers from taking a break from their console and making real friends or connecting more in their present society.

In Conclusion
Video gaming as come a long way over the years, understanding the various advantages they offer while also keeping in mind the disadvantages they pose can help you in balancing your gaming life and ripping the benefits from both worlds.

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