Access to Health Care

When we talk about access to health care, we are referring to the affordability, ease and speed with which an individual like you or me, a family or a child can obtain the much needed medical assistance at a time of need. The importance of quick access to comprehensive and quality health care services in the moment of emergency or distress is very important and cannot be over emphasized, especially when it comes to maintaining and promoting healthy living among the populace.
This quick response is also important for preventing diseases, managing injuries, treating accident victims and preventing avoidable fatalities and loss of lives.
But with the rising cost in health care services, many low income earning homes are finding it very difficult or close to impossible to afford these health care services without borrowing or going into debt thereby, making access to quality health care very difficult.
With these rising cost problems, the government had to look for a way to implement a health care plan that as the ability to bring down the cost of medical services and make health care cheaper and easily accessible for all again. And the best healthcare policy the government could come up with to fight these rising cost was the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

USA Healthcare Plans

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was designed and implemented by the government for one sole goal; to provide individuals and families more access to health care and at an affordable rate through the use of affordable health care insurance options.
Health insurance in the united states is any program created in such a way to help you pay for most or all of your medical bills depending on which plan you subscribe to. These health insurance plans can be purchased from different organizations or bodies including:
Privately purchased insurance
Social insurance or
Social welfare programs usually funded by the government
Depending on the plan you buy, an insurance financial coverage or medical scope might differ from one plan to the other and can include insurance covering disability or for long term nursing or custodial care.

  • The different kinds of insurance plans include:
  • The Platinum coverage: which pays for about 90% of all your medical costs
  • The Gold coverage: which covers only 80% of your medical cost
  • The Silver coverage: which pays for only 70%
  • The Bronze coverage: which pays for only 60%
  • The Catastrophic coverage.

The USA health care plan, through the implementation of the Affordable Health Care Act confines these following rights to the citizens:
The right to purchase any healthcare insurance through a state, federal or private insurance marketplace that offers you the plan of your choice.
On no conditions can insurers refuse you coverage due to your gender or any pre-existing health condition
Families can add their wards on the family insurance and they can stay there until the age of 26
Seniors are likely to get discount on medications if they hit the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan.
You can change your plan all year round as you experience certain life changing events.

With these set of health care rights, health care as been made very affordable again making it possible for the common man and the low income earners to easily have access to quality medical assistance.

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