Mia Khalifa Breast Implant Was Deflated By Rogue Hockey Puck at Stanley Cup Game

Former smut star Mia Khalifa contains a distinctive and painful memento from this year’s NHL playoffs.

In a new interview with the U.K.’s Daily Star, Khalifa — currently the cohost of podcast Sportsball — unconcealed that she’ll bear surgical operation once allegedly being hit by a flying puck earlier this year.

“I was sitting behind the glass throughout a game, and it came shooting over the glass and it caught Pine Tree State therefore off guard and that i had no plan it absolutely was returning,” same Khalifa, 25. She superimposed to the Star, “I grabbed my chest and that i didn’t wish to discarding, as a result of I felt like if I did discarding blood was getting to be all over.”

Khalifa noted to the outlet that pucks square measure “really serious,” and speculated that it absolutely was traveling at regarding eighty mph. once it allegedly affected her.

“My left breast is slightly deflated currently and that i are going to be obtaining it mounted next year,” she said.

 A rep for Khalifa told individuals, “It may be a self-diagnosed injury that occurred as she delineated  in her Instagram post from might.”

Alongside the might icon of Khalifa taken at Capital One Arena, she wrote at the time, “Also, I got hit within the boob with a puck throughout the sport, associate degreed I’m eightieth positive it busted an implant. however the great news is, I got a game used puck from a Capitals Stanley cup game. Worth it.”

She echoed to the Star, “I need to take it home, it absolutely was the one greatest memento any hockey fan will get: a game-used puck that comes at you and hits you.”


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